What happened to my 4&5 wave prediction

Well hind sight is 20/20 as always and what was originally I thought as a wave 3 , hoping to take the 4th wave up to wave 5 turned out to be a down leg in a triangle. This as of 12/8 looks like the end of a running flat correction and in the intermediate down trend the 1,2,3,4 & 5 wave structure is done and heading lower from here to go test the $250 level before we can bounce back.Read more

Micron Technology Elliott Wave Analysis

The Weekly trend is up! On the weekly the trend seems to be up sort off. The Weekly 3% ZZ indicator says that it is a triangle so far, from looking at the price action since 10/22/18 till 11/13/18 and the RSI is just below 40 , once this breaks then the momentum is upward and should be a ZZ with wave 1 and 2 already formed. Daily Count The daily count projected to show that the end of the ZZ will be at end of the "blue"dotted line.The RSI is no the…Read more

Elliott wave analysis of SPY index

  Let me give you my analysis of Elliot wave on SPY just before he election in November 2018. Donald trump was in full swing with the anti-immigrant , anti media which according to him was the anti-people. He is definitely not toning his rhetoric down for anyone or anything. Anyhow,  for the subject on hand. $SPY will hit the .Like the image above says "Target" is $255 area which is where SPY Index will end its journy on the down trend in the 4th wave  ZIG ZAG pattern will end and the…Read more

Why is the EMF from 5G in such controversy

Here is the truth about 5G, no body knows weather it is harmful or not, why? Because like anything these days their has not been a conclusive study done to say one way or the other. But if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck , it is most likely a duck! The 5G requires that the telecom companies erect and install the 5G micro towers in close proximity to each other and create a mesh network of cellular signals propagating through all corners of your home and city buildings. The…Read more

Tall Building Problems

High raises define a city landscape and the silhouette at the night time skyline. It is a beauty to witness NY from a distance! WIth tall buildings comes some tall problems for the cell phone users. A typical cell tower is anywhere between 100-200 ft tall and they are predominantly positioned in such heights to server the population on the ground, the fellow on the sidewalk or the teacher at the bank. Now in spite of this the city buildings are concrete based and have a tough time when it comes to letting…Read more


Wilson Pro 4000 R is intended to upgrade cell scope inside for a wide range of spaces, including lodgings, stores, work spaces, and some more. In the event that the space is missing solid signal, the WilsonPro 4000 R is ideal for boosting those powerless cell motions with a specific end goal to give great voice and information scope. Wilson 4000 R is likewise ready to give voice and information signal to spaces that don't have that signal already. Likewise, it might likewise have the capacity to give 4G information to those indoor…Read more


New discoveries from Juniper Research asserts the quantity of versatile installments verified by biometrics will ascend to almost two billion this year, yet addresses whether the accommodation is a sure thing. Biometric verification has been on the ascent as of late, as shoppers expanding look for less tedious approaches to spend their well deserved money, and merchants scan for approaches to help them. Juniper Research gauges 60% of cell phone models are relied upon to transport with unique mark sensors this year, however will this comfort open up customers to the threats of…Read more


The precision and scope of radio recurrence recognizable proof  frameworks, which are utilized as a part of everything from travel papers to gear following, could be limitlessness enhanced because of another framework created by specialists at the Univ. of Cambridge. The inconceivably expanded range and exactness of the framework opens up an extensive variety of potential observing applications, including support for the wiped out and elderly, constant ecological observing in territories inclined to cataclysmic events, or paying for merchandise without the requirement for customary checkouts. The new framework enhances the exactness of latent…Read more