New Innovative Cell Phone Signal Booster from Harris communication

Harris Communications has introduced the new innovation of cell phone antenna repeater which is designed to meet all specifications of new regulations set to go into effect March 1, 2014, by the Federal Communications Commission. This new line of cell phone signal amplifiers will reduce interference with the help of wireless networks across the country and will enable wireless users in order to take the advantages of Harris Communications’ technology also meets the mandates of the new FCC regulations. Harris Communications’ cellular signal repeaters are designed to meet the FCC standards which reduce and eliminating interference from…Read more

Direct Cell Phone Signal Boosters

That makes them a better choice for commercial spaces, where cell users may be customers of different providers. The booster market has been marred by some devices that actually interfere with the operation of cell phone towers, causing more, not fewer, dropped calls. Phone numbers don’t have to be registered, and because the device doesn’t use broadband to gain access to the cellular network, broadband speeds are not affected. Unlike personal cell sites, signal boosters amplify the strength of all cell phone frequencies, regardless of carrier. New Federal Communications Commission rules, scheduled to…Read more

How to select perfect cell phone signal repeater for your home or office?

Well, as title of this post says that we are going to tell you that how you can choose best cell phone booster according to your need. We will guide you to your perfect booster which will finish all of your signal problems. Don’t worry, cell phone signal booster is not a very confusing device which needs lots to understand but it is a device which requires some attention at installation only then it will work itself. There is only one technical term you need to understand here and that is the power…Read more