How millimeter waves are set to shape the 5G technology

5G is  slowly and surely getting rolled out across the US in some cities   and that can get speeds upto 400 megabites /sec is a huge deal. What we have now is 4G LTE delivering somewhere upto 20 megabites/sec and the 5G will blow every speed out of the water. Now, the catch like any thing too good to be true always comes with a catch and that is that these speeds are made possible by some clever work around done by the science team to find ways to dissect the already existing…Read more

What happened to my 4&5 wave prediction

Well hind sight is 20/20 as always and what was originally I thought as a wave 3 , hoping to take the 4th wave up to wave 5 turned out to be a down leg in a triangle. This as of 12/8 looks like the end of a running flat correction and in the intermediate down trend the 1,2,3,4 & 5 wave structure is done and heading lower from here to go test the $250 level before we can bounce back.Read more