Pioneers of Mobile Signal Booster Manufacturers

Pioneers of Mobile Signal Booster Manufacturers

Tired of dropped calls and poor reception? The best way to get rid of poor signal is to install cell signal boosters. HiBoost’s goal is to get rid of bad reception and provide your phone with the best signal. In this present world,  It is very important to stay connected for work, family, social media, entertainment and more. The average phone user places and receives three calls per day. Maintaining reliable cell signal has become key to our daily lives.

Founded in 2009, Huaptec is recognized today as one of the pioneers of mobile signal booster manufacturers. Our extensive portfolio of signal coverage and enhancement solutions covers a wide range of applications from In-Building-Solutions to outdoor coverage. We are dependent on our mobile phones today more than ever.

HiBoost provides solutions for improving signal coverage in your home or workplace.

  • HiBoost’s 5 band signal booster kit is perfectly designed for home usage. It is easy to set up and will provide your home with smoother phone calls and internet. Make your home with smooth phone call, and you can enjoy freely internet.
  • The HiBoost signal booster will allow employees in your office to have a stronger signal, resulting in fewer dropped calls and a better smart phone experience.
  • HiBoost will provide personalized solutions and designs for commercial buildings.
  • DAS solution.



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