Why to get a cell phone signal booster?

Cell phone boosters are devices with low gain and high output power. it’s an immediate connection to the inside and outside antennas. they’re principally utilized in areas with weak RF (Radio Frequency) signal. They work well in open environments, like in remote areas. Its installation is kind of simple because it simply desires plug and use. you don’t need any pre installation analysis like measure attenuation and signal amplifications.

Boosters more preferable then repeaters:

Boosters, in contrast to repeaters, would like low output power as the booster contains a direct link to the cell boosters. So, signal from booster to phone or contrariwise is directly sent with none degradation. The amplification of the booster’s signal is a smaller amount than the repeater’s signal.

Booster transmission power is no matter attenuation between internal and external antennas of the device. It’s incapable to oscillation thus, it cannot generate RF noise.

Cell Phone Signal Booster provides reliable transmission/reception signal as it amplifies the RF signal as and once required.

Boosters are used with cell phones or any communication device for clear signal reception. The radiations emitted from our cell phones will have an effect on our health and increase our possibilities of brain cancer. Therefore, usage of cell phones will increase the chance posed to our health.

Weak signals lead to additional radiation coming out from cell phone device so increasing our exposure to radiations. Cell phone signal amplifiers convert weak signals into strong signals thereby creating clear and sensible reception of voice signal.

Boosters consist of electronic equipment for amplifying the signal and signal antenna for receiving or transmission the acceptable signal. After you are in a very vehicle or passing by a busy road, RF signal isn’t constant. to make constant and clear communication, boosters are used.


Got Cell Phone Signal Problem in your RV? Get a Cell Phone Booster for RV


You own a RV or you live in RV, you may face many difficulties daily. As RV moves time to time the conveniences like power or water use to be reliable in our country but service like cell phone coverage can get unreliable any time. My point here is that there is no guarantee of clear signal everywhere in country and its been seen that signal lost do happens many times when we are traveling from one place to another or there used to be very low signal coverage when RV goes to countryside area. Another reason of low signal coverage in RV is same as Mobile Home, RV use to made with very thick layer of metal which allows minimum to cell phone signal to enter RV.

Well there is a solution now in form of a cell phone booster for RV. Yes, a cell phone signal booster for RV is now available and it is quite impressive, many known companies have launched it and this kind of booster. As a normal booster, RV Cell Phone Signal Booster also comes with an external antenna, an internal antenna and a booster. External antenna(Outdoor Antenna) use to be installed on roof of RV and connected to booster with wire. Booster part use to be installed inside the RV, then this booster gets connected to indoor antenna which spreads the boosted signal to all over RV.

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SureCall Flex2Go RV Signal Booster Kit

Wilson Mobile 4G RV Signal Booster Kit

Wilson Sleek 4G Cradle Booster

You can get any of these kits as they will work at most of places. If you still have any questions or doubts then you can contact us via http://cellphoneboosterstore.com/about-us/contact-us/




Wilson Electronics – Mobile Wireless – Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit for Vehicle

Roaming one place to other in key point in my work an di have to do it daily, I can say that I use to travel almost 100 to 150km distance daily. Problem I used to get is that many times on highway the cell phone signal used to get diminished and I used to loss lots of calls because of that, once i got my car broken at place where there was very low signal strength and I was not able to make call to anyone for help. After a long time heard about car cell phone signal booster from internet, I sis put an enquiry on online forums regarding my problem and from there I got to know about cell phone boosters for vehicles. I did lots of research before getting one and found that Wilson Electronics have best cell phone boosters in market and another thing I found was that a cell phone booster can’t make signal at its own, it can only amplify low signal to high signal strength. I thought to give it a chance and got one Wilson cell phone signal amplifier for my car from www.cellphoneboosterstore.com. By the way, this site is awesome place to buy cell phone booster if you do not have any idea about it. As soon as I installed this booster, I got to feel the difference and I found that in areas where I used to get low signal strength earlier, now I am getting proper signal strength. Company claims that your cell phone should be within range of 22” of internal amplifier but I prefer it of be 8-10” only, I have noticed the lack of call quality beyond 8-10”.

My job requires me to travel between PA, NY, CT, MA, NH & ME almost weekly. The ability to talk to clients while traveling is essential in my line of work. Pulling over at a rest stop to ‘hold’ a call is often not an option and a HUGE waste of time!


Picking Systems for Cell Phone Booster for Office

Cell Phone Signal Booster is the only device which gives the proper redemption from bad signals. Bad signals, drop down calls arise due to the lots of reason like obstruction, distance of signal tower, high number of cell phone users etc. People find signal issues in hill area, rural areas, in tunnels and in the city where are lots building exists. But cell phone amplifier device makes your life easy and comfortable by boosting the signal in very smart manner.

Cell phone signal amplifier for Verizon has the great efficiency of boosting the signal with the power of 2500MW. There are different models available in the market but if you are a home user then Wilson Desktop Signal Booster – 801247 is the device for you which is cheaper in price and has lots of features. This signal booster covers up the 2000 sq ft area, provides control to adjusting the gain, require no internet connection. It is the set up of internal and external antenna, amplifier and RG6 coaxial cable. The outside antenna is set outside at your home, on the roof and internal antenna sets in the home. Outside antenna catch the signal and amplifier convert those signal strength and then internal antenna emit the perfect signals to the cell phone.

This Cell Phone Signal Booster for AT&T is the perfect device for your home. This product by the Wilson electronics is the one of the popular model of signal booster as it comes in cheapest price and with lots of great features. This signal booster should be at every home so that no one has to face the issues of bad signals.

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Why Wilson Cell Phone Signal Boosters are Best?

The same way we got around this likely solution, of putting Wilson cell phone signal booster for any 12th floor or 9th floor system and the Wilson cell phone signal booster for the ninth floor system on the 12th floor. We have found cell phone signal booster for home in each corners of floors in a building with excellent network coverage.

Because no one had tried this type of solution, it was found that Wilson cell phone signal booster supports technically for confirming whether his design is suitable. He called support through engineering for achieving benefits through installation of Wilson products. With the solution of the biggest problem, connection of the cheap cell phone signal booster antennas, testing the system and its tuning for excellent network coverage. They have monitored the cell phone signal booster system for home and employee feedback is taken after the completion of installation. After the final result of installation of the system it gave the excellent results without any trouble. The problems like not able to make calls due to bad coverage or problems like dropping calls, or getting voicemail notifications and SMS text messages have been solved through Wilson cell phone signal booster. And also life of the battery is noticed to be longer as there is no problem of searching for a signal in bad network coverage area. Before this system was installed, cell phones were usually found to be useless without signals. Wilson boosters were preferred over others in the market because of their best solutions and their reliable trust.

Cell signal boosted on multiple floors of office building

Unlike many office buildings in populated environments of urban areas, Media teaches employees about cheap cell phone signal booster challenges. Those working there are facing many complaints of the problem of cell phone reception. So when Wilson Electronics, a manufacturer of cell signal boosting equipment offered to install a cell phone signal booster for home, then the people are threatened at first of having bad cellular service. Business calls to company had issued cell phone signal booster for home and are now freely making calls without the problem of never connected or dropped calls. If you are using smart phone apps or other data tools, then it might not be so useful due to bad cell coverage in the building and installation of a Wilson cell phone signal booster have solved almost all the problems. Wilson’s cell phone signal boosters overcome the problem of dropped calls, limited range and slow data rates for cell phones and data cards by amplifying weak cellular signals. Our cell signal boosters are able to pick up weak cellular signals from a cell tower and transmit them to your cellular device, and then transmit a more powerful signal back to the tower. Wilson’s products are available in easy to use plug-and-play kits, or you can custom configure your own cellular repeater system for your unique application by choosing specific Wilson boosters, antennas and cellular accessories from one of our authorized resellers.


New Innovative Cell Phone Signal Booster from Harris communication

Harris Communications has introduced the new innovation of cell phone antenna repeater which is designed to meet all specifications of new regulations set to go into effect March 1, 2014, by the Federal Communications Commission. This new line of cell phone signal amplifiers will reduce interference with the help of wireless networks across the country and will enable wireless users in order to take the advantages of Harris Communications’ technology also meets the mandates of the new FCC regulations. Harris Communications’ cellular signal repeaters are designed to meet the FCC standards which reduce and eliminating interference from wireless devices which sometimes interrupt emergency calls while delivering excellent reception and transmission with no effect on users’ wireless service. The FCC compliant cell phone repeaters will produce flawless connections with the major wireless providers.

Cell phone repeater antenna for home or office is useful.
Cell phone repeaters or wireless cell phone amplifier(bi-directional amplifiers), such as Yagi antennas produced by Harris Communications, provide the most common way cell phone companies have been improving cellular coverage over the past few years. Technology refined by Harris Communications for more than 20 years have virtually eliminated calls dropped mid sentence. Their bi-directional cell phone signal amplifiers boosts cell phone signals by using superior internal rebroadcast antennae in conjunction with a reception antenna and a signal amplifier. These aid the cellular broadcast towers that network providers base their signals from. These cell phone repeater antennae are smaller and are used inside a building to improve cellular coverage inside when the walls might hinder a signal. The signal from main cellular towers sometimes is unable to get through thick concrete, which can weaken cellular coverage. Harris Communications’ advanced versions of bi-directional amplifier units allow more than one cell phone to use them at the same time, whereas the older, original equipment on the market in the past could only be used by one cell phone at a time.


Direct Cell Phone Signal Boosters

That makes them a better choice for commercial spaces, where cell users may be customers of different providers. The booster market has been marred by some devices that actually interfere with the operation of cell phone towers, causing more, not fewer, dropped calls. Phone numbers don’t have to be registered, and because the device doesn’t use broadband to gain access to the cellular network, broadband speeds are not affected. Unlike personal cell sites, signal boosters amplify the strength of all cell phone frequencies, regardless of carrier. New Federal Communications Commission rules, scheduled to take effect in February, will set standards for signal booster products. For more information, go to wireless.fcc.gov/signal-boosters.

Cell Phone Signal Repeaters set up for personal sites

An antenna is mounted outside to capture the cell tower’s weak signal. That antenna is connected to a powered signal booster in the home, using coaxial (cable TV) cable. Signal boosters are just as easy to set up as personal cell sites, but the hardware is bulkier and more difficult to hide. The antenna used to distribute the signal throughout the house is about the size and shape of a hardback book. Antennas that enhance the signal in one room are small and easy to place on a desk. The cell phone signal booster is then connected via coaxial cable to an indoor antenna. No matter how strong the signal, the limited frequency range used by cell phones means that the calls will still sound worse than virtually any landline call. That is slowly beginning to change.



How to select perfect cell phone signal repeater for your home or office?

Well, as title of this post says that we are going to tell you that how you can choose best cell phone booster according to your need. We will guide you to your perfect booster which will finish all of your signal problems. Don’t worry, cell phone signal booster is not a very confusing device which needs lots to understand but it is a device which requires some attention at installation only then it will work itself.

There is only one technical term you need to understand here and that is the power in which signal use to be get transmitted. This power is use to be calculated in dBm, like we use cm/m/km for measuring distance in same way dBm is use to measure the power for transmitting the cell phone signal. For example, if you are 30ft away from cell phone tower then the amount of power required for signal transmission will be 300dB wirelessly.

Coming to point of booster, when a low signal strength gets converted in to higher level then it have some limits. This limit use to be decided by ability of cell phone repeater. Suppose you have installed a cell phone booster with range of 200sqft and the area needed to cover is 500sqft, will that booster will work? Answer is yes BUT it will only work in area of 200sqft around itself and going beyond that will be losing signal strength.

Another misunderstanding of many people:

Some people tried installing two high YAGI antennas back to back in hilly areas and expected that their signal problem will go away. Thing they forgot is that YAGI antenna has its limitation, YAGI antenna itself cannot produce so much signal strength that it can cover whole hilly area. They expected that with YAGI antenna they will be able to get proper signal strength on both side of hill which is totally false expectation, actually a YAGI antenna can only jump the signal to 3ft approx.

Do understand here that if you want to cover large area then you should go for large boosters. There are larger capacity boosters for both propose i.e. inside as well as outside. For covering large outside areas like full street or some hilly colony, there are cell phone antenna repeaters specially made for that propose. The starting range of this kind of cell phone signal repeater is $1600 to $2900, the range increases as required covering area increases. If the area required to cover is in acres then for that propose the cell phone booster will range from $4000 to $7500. Similarly the range goes above $12000. Keep in mind that such booster you will not be installing at yourself, this will be done with contribution of all and that way it will not cost too much to individual.



What have changed Cell Phone Booster technology in recent time?

Cell Phone boosters are in market from a long time now, many question arose in between about their usage and effects. Defeating each and every trouble, cell phone boosters have proved that it is only solution to low signal problem. Cell phone booster technology was first introduced few years back but it got improvise at very high pace, reasons were many few are discusses down here.

FCC made rules strict.

When first cell phone booster was launched in market, it was on trial basis. But its success resulted in mass production of cell phone signal amplifiers for home or offices. Now days, we can get cell phone signal repeaters for lifts, cars, trucks or tunnels too. There is booster available in market for each and every place where cell phone signal could get low.

Such huge demand and production of cell phone signal repeaters attracted FCC to look into good and bad of this technology. Some PILs were also given by different people claiming that the use of booster can cause diseases and it should be banned. After a long research, FCC laid down some strict rules for manufacturing of any kind of cell phone booster. This automatically improved the quality of cell phone boosters. FCC simplified that companies which will follow its rules and regulations can only manufacture booster. These strong steps from FCC have taken booster technology to new level.

Change for 2G to 3G to 4G.

Cell phone signal frequency level got upgraded twice in recent years; first 2G was improvised to 3G the 3G got improvised in to 4G. But fact is that, all three signal spectrum are in use worldwide. 2G is having most number of consumers even today, due to several reasons.

When cell phone booster was introduced, it was made for 2G networks only. But due to high demand booster companies were forced to make cell phone repeaters for 3G Network also. This was the time when cell phone booster was not too old in market. It is not very old story when 4G Network was introduced by numerous companies; this gave birth to booster for 4G network.

Boosters for Particular Phone

After huge success of Cell Phone Boosters for home or offices, companies started making cell phone boosters for particular Cell Phone Models. Like there is Wilson iBooster especially made for Apple iPhone as almost each and everything on iPhone depends on its network strength. It is been heard that some companies are now manufacturing specific boosters for many models of companies like Nokia, HTC or Samsung.

ibooster front

Growing population is also cause of improvising Booster.

Yeah, growing population has helped in improvising the cell phone booster technology. This is because of the fact that such growth in population has increased the usage of cell phones worldwide which have created huge distortion in signal receiving worldwide. To tackle this problem which is increasing day by day or minute by minute, there is lot of pressure on booster manufacturing companies to improvise them in quick regular periods.


History and use of cell phone booster for home or office

The daily change in cell phone technology have made the cell phone usage much easier, it have not only improved the functionality of cell phones but fashion have forced companies to improve the looks also. You can get many accessories for your cell phones, cell phone booster is one of the best accessory. If you want crystal clear voice coming out for your cell phone then you should install a cell phone repeater because by improving signal strength this will make your call voice clear like crystal.

No matter where you are in range of cell phone booster, if you are in range then you will get full signal with pure call quality. You will be able to make calls instantly after installing cell phone booster at low signal area. Making call at dead areas will be possible after installing the cell phone signal boosters.

In generally, mobiles use to work best in open areas instead of areas in closed buildings or areas closed due to any other reason. But when you have a booster installed with the cell phone you will see your cell phone working even inside the building, elevators and basements. You need not be master of any subject for installing the cell phone signal booster or amplifier, all you have to do is to follow the instruction given in manual. The good signal strength use to be spread by antenna attached to booster.

This survey will let you buy the booster of your need and will help you ignore the unwanted and useless cell phone signal antenna available in market. Approach the market once you are done with gathering information. To buy booster at best price you should check the online deals also. You can get some great offers online because many online use to have direct contract with manufacturers.


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