Signal Booster for Vehicles

Signal Booster for Vehicles

Huaptec has developed a series of wide band consumer Boosters, including C27G-2S and C27G-5S which are specifically designed for all kinds of vehicle customers. A wide band feature capable of amplifying signals of all operators, and it can be easily and quickly deployed with the help of user manual.

Kit includes:

Magnetic antenna


Server Antenna

Car Booster

12V Car lighter Power supply

How it works

HiBoost C27G-2S /5S are specially designed for all kinds of vehicles range from car to motor home. One important thing is your daily requirement, if it is 2G and 3G voice, the C27G-2S solution is suitable for you, if it is 3G and 4G data, the C27G-5S solution will be better.

The solution also includes inside and outside antenna which is shown in the graph. For outside antenna, the magnetic antenna is adopted, for inside antenna, small patch antenna is adopted. These antennas can help to improve the wireless signal strength.



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