What have changed Cell Phone Booster technology in recent time?

Cell Phone boosters are in market from a long time now, many question arose in between about their usage and effects. Defeating each and every trouble, cell phone boosters have proved that it is only solution to low signal problem. Cell phone booster technology was first introduced few years back but it got improvise at very high pace, reasons were many few are discusses down here. FCC made rules strict. When first cell phone booster was launched in market, it was on trial basis. But its success resulted in mass production of cell…Read more

History and use of cell phone booster for home or office

The daily change in cell phone technology have made the cell phone usage much easier, it have not only improved the functionality of cell phones but fashion have forced companies to improve the looks also. You can get many accessories for your cell phones, cell phone booster is one of the best accessory. If you want crystal clear voice coming out for your cell phone then you should install a cell phone repeater because by improving signal strength this will make your call voice clear like crystal. No matter where you are in…Read more

Types of Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Cell phone signal amplifier is getting very much popular these days and the reason behind its popularity is the function they perform and the efficiency they have in their work. Every cell phone needs external help to boost its signal unless it is in an area with excellent reception of signals. Bt you need to be very specific while purchasing the booster or else the good can turn on bad to you. Your money will get wasted as well as you won’t get the expected benefit. You need to make proper research on…Read more

Cell Phone Signal Amplifier, Latest Update

Cell phone booster s are lot in demand now a days and another fact is that now a days a lot of duplicate or bad quality booster are coming in market. This is certainly harming consumers as well as the service providers. Frankly, none of our service provider want to improve their signal strength and neither they can but this new problem with bad quality booster is adding fuel to problem of low signal. My point is that a lot of small companies have started making these boosters at small scale with low…Read more
What does makes you to buy a cell phone signal amplifier?

What does makes you to buy a cell phone signal amplifier?

Well question is simple but I will like to elaborate the answer in my way because many people have many wrong ideas about the device called cell phone signal amplifier. You may call it cell phone booster, mobile signal booster, wifi signal booster, signal repeater or any of many more but do you know what it do for you? Yes you know, everyone knows it that it boosts the low signal strength to high signal strength. That was simple isn’t it? Lol.. point I want to take it that what makes us to…Read more