Cell Phone boosters are in market from a long time now, many question arose in between about their usage and effects. Defeating each and every trouble, cell phone boosters have proved that it is only solution to low signal problem. Cell phone booster technology was first introduced few years back but it got improvise at very high pace, reasons were many few are discusses down here.

FCC made rules strict.

When first cell phone booster was launched in market, it was on trial basis. But its success resulted in mass production of cell phone signal amplifiers for home or offices. Now days, we can get cell phone signal repeaters for lifts, cars, trucks or tunnels too. There is booster available in market for each and every place where cell phone signal could get low.

Such huge demand and production of cell phone signal repeaters attracted FCC to look into good and bad of this technology. Some PILs were also given by different people claiming that the use of booster can cause diseases and it should be banned. After a long research, FCC laid down some strict rules for manufacturing of any kind of cell phone booster. This automatically improved the quality of cell phone boosters. FCC simplified that companies which will follow its rules and regulations can only manufacture booster. These strong steps from FCC have taken booster technology to new level.

Change for 2G to 3G to 4G.

Cell phone signal frequency level got upgraded twice in recent years; first 2G was improvised to 3G the 3G got improvised in to 4G. But fact is that, all three signal spectrum are in use worldwide. 2G is having most number of consumers even today, due to several reasons.

When cell phone booster was introduced, it was made for 2G networks only. But due to high demand booster companies were forced to make cell phone repeaters for 3G Network also. This was the time when cell phone booster was not too old in market. It is not very old story when 4G Network was introduced by numerous companies; this gave birth to booster for 4G network.

Boosters for Particular Phone

After huge success of Cell Phone Boosters for home or offices, companies started making cell phone boosters for particular Cell Phone Models. Like there is Wilson iBooster especially made for Apple iPhone as almost each and everything on iPhone depends on its network strength. It is been heard that some companies are now manufacturing specific boosters for many models of companies like Nokia, HTC or Samsung.

ibooster front

Growing population is also cause of improvising Booster.

Yeah, growing population has helped in improvising the cell phone booster technology. This is because of the fact that such growth in population has increased the usage of cell phones worldwide which have created huge distortion in signal receiving worldwide. To tackle this problem which is increasing day by day or minute by minute, there is lot of pressure on booster manufacturing companies to improvise them in quick regular periods.


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