Cell phone booster s are lot in demand now a days and another fact is that now a days a lot of duplicate or bad quality booster are coming in market. This is certainly harming consumers as well as the service providers. Frankly, none of our service provider want to improve their signal strength and neither they can but this new problem with bad quality booster is adding fuel to problem of low signal.

My point is that a lot of small companies have started making these boosters at small scale with low quality material which results in to low results and low life of booster. This results in consumer dissatisfaction and consumer feels like he/she have spent money on waste. Please be very aware of these fake products in market, do not spend your hard earned money on these products. So choose your booster wisely and choose the branded one because a perfect booster cab only solves your problem of low signal strength.

Another update related to cell phone booster is about its link to disease of Brain Tumor. Scientifically it have been prove that cell phone use to give out more strong radioactive waves when it is exposed in low signal area and that is can cause brain tumor. Studies have shown that keeping cell phone on ear and trying to talk to someone in low signal area effects very adversely on brain, many researches has been done and many are going on. You will not believe me if I will say that such kind of disease can be avoided with help of cell phone signal amplifier for home or office. Yes, it is true because of simple fact that when you have cell phone signal repeater installed in your place then you will never get out of strong signal and your cell phone will not give out any strong and harmful radiation.

At last I will only say that choose your booster very carefully and go for good brand because a lot will depend on this.


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