Low signal strength can make you lose important calls and messages, nowadays applications like whatsapp are in high use but they also cannot work under low signal problem. Keeping this problem in mind cell phone signal booster was made and till date this is the only solution to low signal problem. A cell phone booster can gather cell phone signals coming from signal tower and can boost it to highest strength possible.

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Question arises here for customers is that which one to buy and why?

If you want one line answer then it is simple that buy an one level higher level booster from your requirement. Didn’t got it? Let me explain it in brief –

Firstly we have to understand that what a cell phone booster really do and for this you should feel that you are in a low signal area. Now, if you will install a cell phone signal amplifier in that low signal area then that amplifier will collect the low signal via it’s outdoor antenna and will send that signal to boosting unit via cable. Then that boosting unit will boost that low signal to highest possible strength and will send the boosted signal to indoor antenna which will spread it to needed area.
Secondly we have to understand the components and working of booster.

In general, cell phone booster use to be made up of three components and those are – Outdoor antenna, Indoor Antenna and Boosting Unit.
Outdoor antenna – this antenna is use to collect low signal strength coming from cell phone signal tower and then send it to boosting unit. Now, there are two kinds of outdoor antennas – Omni Directional Antenna & Yagi Antenna.
If you are willing to boos signal of multiple service providers then in that can you will have to get Omni Directional Antenna, this antenna works in multiple directions and can collect signals from multiple operators. This is to be noted that you have to get medium level signal strength to get this antenna working perfectly. In another case, where if you want to boost signals from single provider then Yagi antenna can do it best for you. Yagi antenna is single directional antenna and can work at minimum signal strength perfectly. For installing both kind of antennas, you have to find a place at roof or outside of your building where the signal strength is maximum, this can be done with help of cell phone.

Boosting Unit – this is a middle unit of cell phone booster, this the unit which boosts the low signal strength. After receiving signals from outdoor antenna this boosting unit boosts that signal strength and use to transmit it to indoor antenna. Please note that frequency of booster depends on this boosting unit, if you know what area you need to cover with booster signal and you know which booster will cover that much area then our advice is to get one level higher booster then that one. Reason for getting next level booster is that your home/building can have much or many obstacles within and that can cause lowering the signal strength.

Indoor antenna – This is the antenna which will be installed inside building or home, it will spread the boosted signal strength to required area once received from boosting unit. Indoor antenna also comes in two type – Panel antenna and Dome antenna.
Panel Antenna is use to spread boosted signal strength to multilevel buildings or other such huge places. Panel antenna is single direction antenna and has to be installed upside down on wall of top floor of multistory building.
If limited area is needed to be covered with boosted signals, places like a hall or small flat. Then Dome antenna works best in these cases. Dome antenna has to be installed on ceilings of roof upside down, it will cover the multiple direction.


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