Cel-fi is new company entering in United States’ market of cell phone boosters. I know this is too often now days as you see new company every day in many sectors. But I here only talk about companies or products with difference. Cel-Fi introduced cell phone boosters with entirely new concept and one of the greatest points is that their cell phone boosters do not require any kind of installation work. So, if you getting Cel-Fi cell phone booster then you should not worry about installation of product. Question you may ask is what did they have done and how can this be possible?
Cel-Fi Booster

Cel-Fi simply divided cell phone booster in to two parts, one is network unit and other is coverage unit. Please note that these units work wirelessly, although there will be power plugs (in some models it may work on batteries). Now, all you have to do is to place Network Unit at place where you get most of the signal strength in your home, you can detect the signal strength by looking at display on network unit, it will show you bars of signal strength wherever you go. Now, after placing network unit you have to place coverage unit, remember you have to place coverage unit where you want signal strength most.

One thing to keep in mind here is that coverage unit cannot be placed too far from network unit, as both of these work on their range of frequencies.


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