Cell phone signal amplifier is getting very much popular these days and the reason behind its popularity is the function they perform and the efficiency they have in their work. Every cell phone needs external help to boost its signal unless it is in an area with excellent reception of signals. Bt you need to be very specific while purchasing the booster or else the good can turn on bad to you. Your money will get wasted as well as you won’t get the expected benefit.

You need to make proper research on cell phone booster home. There are two basis for categorizing boosters. On the basis of installation, there are two types of boosters- stationary and portable. Stationary ones are installed at a fixed place and can’t be moved. But the portable ones are for those people who travel a lot.

Second basis for categorizing is on the basis of supporting cell phones. There are two types-one boosters can support single cell phone at a time, and these are generally portable ones. Second category is the cell phone data booster that supports multiple cell phones at a time. These can be stationary as well as portable too. Stationary ones are those which can support many cell phones in its specific range and give them boosted signals. One type of portable cell phone data repeater can support single cell phone and installed behind the battery and second type can be installed in cars and vans which support all the cell phones in the vehicle.

Another type of boosters are modern ones which are made according to the service they support like we have 3G booster, 4G booster, Wi-Fi booster and iPhone booster too.

Once you know what kinds of boosters are available, you can select the booster you need.



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