What does makes you to buy a cell phone signal amplifier?

Well question is simple but I will like to elaborate the answer in my way because many people have many wrong ideas about the device called cell phone signal amplifier. You may call it cell phone booster, mobile signal booster, wifi signal booster, signal repeater or any of many more but do you know what it do for you? Yes you know, everyone knows it that it boosts the low signal strength to high signal strength. That was simple isn’t it? Lol.. point I want to take it that what makes us to buy it?

We can wait for signals to get strong, we can go to good signal places or we can use friend’s phone which might be getting high signals but question arises is that are these permanent solutions?

No, these are just for “time being” solutions to the problem of low signal coverage. Let’s take few situations; I will try to explain few strange problems which use to be cause due to low signal problem.

Suppose you are driving to some remote place and you have to go through jungle area or mountain area where signals use to get week very often. You car breaks down or tire gets punctured or you lost your way, what will you do? First thing you will do is to look on your cell phone and call someone for help but what will you do if your cell phone will not be able to make proper call due to low signal strength? That’s where cell phone booster for car helps, it boosts that low signal to full strength and always helps you in such dramatic situations.

Another scene, suppose you discussing a very important deal over cell phone and suddenly the signal gets at its lowest dip, what will you do? You will scream louder and louder hoping that other person may get your message and at the end you will cut the call and that may result in “lost deal”. And if you have cell phone booster installed in your office or working area then you will never get low signal problem in your office and your business will not get affected due to low signal problem .


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