weBoost, formerly known as Wilson Electronics is the leader in cell phone booster manufacturing companies, many small companies use to follow the lead of weBoost blindly. weBoost has always delivered the product with pure quality and long lasting life and there new product weBoost Drive 4G-M cell phone booster kit is all same. Please note here that this booster is for vehicles only, not for use at home or office.  weBoost Drive 4G-M

The new weBoost Drive 4G-M cell phone booster comes with ability of boosting all kind of signal bands like 2G, 3G and 4G LTE. This kit comes with an internal and an external antenna. The internal antenna can be easily tucked under any seat of car / vehicle or it can also be mounted in dashboard easily. The external antenna should be installed by keeping an appropriate distance from other antennas and this antenna can handle rough situations and conditions.

One thing we like very much about this new booster is that it can work with multiple users at a time. It can support up to 4 users at a time. Another good thing is that this booster has compact and durable components and can increase the cell phone’s battery life in a great way.


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