Roaming one place to other in key point in my work an di have to do it daily, I can say that I use to travel almost 100 to 150km distance daily. Problem I used to get is that many times on highway the cell phone signal used to get diminished and I used to loss lots of calls because of that, once i got my car broken at place where there was very low signal strength and I was not able to make call to anyone for help. After a long time heard about car cell phone signal booster from internet, I sis put an enquiry on online forums regarding my problem and from there I got to know about cell phone boosters for vehicles. I did lots of research before getting one and found that Wilson Electronics have best cell phone boosters in market and another thing I found was that a cell phone booster can’t make signal at its own, it can only amplify low signal to high signal strength. I thought to give it a chance and got one Wilson cell phone signal amplifier for my car from By the way, this site is awesome place to buy cell phone booster if you do not have any idea about it. As soon as I installed this booster, I got to feel the difference and I found that in areas where I used to get low signal strength earlier, now I am getting proper signal strength. Company claims that your cell phone should be within range of 22” of internal amplifier but I prefer it of be 8-10” only, I have noticed the lack of call quality beyond 8-10”.

My job requires me to travel between PA, NY, CT, MA, NH & ME almost weekly. The ability to talk to clients while traveling is essential in my line of work. Pulling over at a rest stop to ‘hold’ a call is often not an option and a HUGE waste of time!


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