Wilson Pro 4000 R is designed to enhance cell coverage indoors for all kinds of spaces, including hotels, stores, work spaces, and many more. If the space is lacking strong signal, the WilsonPro 4000 R is perfect for boosting those weak cell signals in order to provide good voice and data coverage. Wilson 4000 R is also able to provide voice and data signal to spaces that do not have that signal previously. Also, it may also be able to provide 4G data to those indoor spaces. Wilson-4000R’s uplink and downlink gain controls for each band can be changed by users. This makes it easy to use the cell phone booster for any kind of setting. A little bit of playing around with those controls will give users a sense of which controls work well for their space. Its part number is Wilson 460231 (previously 460131).
Wilson Pro 4000R is a first rack mounted, professional cell phone booster that incorporates four separate signal amplifiers that feed four indoor antennae. Wilson 4000R literally gives the power of four boosters in a single unit, which can be rack-mounted inside IT cabinet of a building. This unit covers up to 100,000 square feet of indoor space, and that number could be higher if the strength of signal from nearby cell towers is higher. The greater the signal from the cell tower, the greater the strength the cell booster will have when it boosts signal for users. Furthermore, each outgoing interior antenna can be split in the fashion shown to install sixteen antennas to expand indoor coverage to possibly up to 140,000 square feet.
Because Wilson-Pro knows that all jobs are not the same, it has expanded antenna offerings. This way, people are able to select the best antenna that will work for their space. The newest one, the 4G wide band outdoor omni-directional antennas as well as the 4G wide band indoor dome antennae can be used with Wilson Pro 4000-R. These two receive and transmit signal in such a way that it is in a 360 degree pattern. They work well in the 698 – 2700 MHz frequency range which covers all carrier networks in USA and Canada. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are top Carriers in USA. Rogers, Bell, and Telus and top Carriers in Canada.
Like many other cell phone boosters, Wilson Pro 4000-R is protected from bad cell tower interference. The cell booster is able to auto detect unhelpful excessive signals from the cell tower and prevent it more from coming through by powering down only as needed while staying on to prevent the need to manually start up again. To put this more precisely, it can work with a signal from the cell tower of up to 10 dB more than any other booster on the market before shutting it down. Wilson Electronics creates quality products that will make them the best fit for anyone looking to use a cell booster. Plus, the product comes with a three year warranty. This confidence ensures that the cellular truly booster works! Users can always contact us if they have any kind of question about their cell booster. Rest assured, with the WilsonPro 4000-R with part # WilsonPro 460231, users will not be going wrong.


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