This  wall or roof mount antenna is ideal for downtown urban settings , RV’s or marine installations. It’s built with a strong fiberglass casing and is designed to cover 2G/3G/4G and WLAN systems for Cellular, PCS, AWS and LTE frequencies. The CM288W Full Band Fiberglass antenna is an omni-directional antenna that gathers signals from all sides and does not need to be pointed toward a cellular tower. Range of antenna is approximately 50 miles to and from cellular towers free of obstructions. Besides the antenna itself, parts include mounting equipment for either a flat horizontal surface or a wall. It should be mounted in an upright position for best results.

Key Features of the Product include:

The omni-directional shape of this antenna allows for even and equal coverage over desired area; approximate 50 mile range.


Important points to Note:

·         Upto 164 Ft

·         698 Mhz, 1.70 Ghz To 960 Mhz, 2.70 Ghz – 4 Db

·         Wireless Data Network

·         Outdoor – White – Wall/ceiling

·         Omni-directional

·         N-type Connector



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