New player in Cell Phone Signal Booster Market – Booster from Cel-Fi

Cel-fi is new company entering in United States’ market of cell phone boosters. I know this is too often now days as you see new company every day in many sectors. But I here only talk about companies or products with difference. Cel-Fi introduced cell phone boosters with entirely new concept and one of the greatest points is that their cell phone boosters do not require any kind of installation work. So, if you getting Cel-Fi cell phone booster then you should not worry about installation of product. Question you may ask is…Read more

How to select perfect cell phone signal repeater for your home or office?

Well, as title of this post says that we are going to tell you that how you can choose best cell phone booster according to your need. We will guide you to your perfect booster which will finish all of your signal problems. Don’t worry, cell phone signal booster is not a very confusing device which needs lots to understand but it is a device which requires some attention at installation only then it will work itself. There is only one technical term you need to understand here and that is the power…Read more
What does makes you to buy a cell phone signal amplifier?

What does makes you to buy a cell phone signal amplifier?

Well question is simple but I will like to elaborate the answer in my way because many people have many wrong ideas about the device called cell phone signal amplifier. You may call it cell phone booster, mobile signal booster, wifi signal booster, signal repeater or any of many more but do you know what it do for you? Yes you know, everyone knows it that it boosts the low signal strength to high signal strength. That was simple isn’t it? Lol.. point I want to take it that what makes us to…Read more