I am a daily traveler, who do lots of traveling because of work. I use a cell phone device for all kinds of entertainment and for keeping myself connected with my friends and relatives. In travelling, it is very necessary to keep in touch with our family and friends. I need to do lots of calls and needs to check lots of emails during travelling. So cell phone is the best friend for me, as I can do all the things on it. But from one year, I was getting low signals in cell phones. From last eight months, I was facing too many drop down calls, very slow internet etc. During a journey, it’s become impossible for me to call anyone.

So I bring cell phone signal booster for the vehicle. I have purchased  45 dB Gain Ultimate Vehicle Kit With 30″ Antenna – 801445. This is the best cell phone signal booster for home ever for me. This kit has lots of unbelievable features. It seems like a magic for me, because as I connected this device with my cell phone,  suddenly the signal bar increased from one to four. This booster system comes with 45db amplifier, 35 inch fiberglass,  stainless steel antenna, rubber right angled antenna for wireless  transmission, cigarette lighter adapter and with 110 volt wall mount plug. This cell phone amplifier system comes with Tri band system, so it supports all the cell phone carriers. This system has ability to work in all types of weather. It even also provides the clear networks in tunnels. The booster system is approved by the FCC (Federal Communication Commission)

I purchased AT&T cell phone booster for home three months ago and since then, I haven’t faced any kind of trouble in using this device. It is very easy to install the system. The best feature this signal booster provide is that, this system also works at home. It means, this system provides me great signal strength at every place. It is very easy and simple to carry this system in the bag. I use this device in hotels also.

I purchased it from the cell phone booster store, which is an online shop, where there is lots of  Wilson Cell phone booster 4g are available. I purchased it in $389 and when I compared the price of this website from another website, then I found that, this online store avails me this model of the booster system in cheaper price than the others. Even this online website also provided me return policy under some terms and conditions, but I didn’t need to use that return policy, as my booster device is working perfectly.


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