I have a Wilson Desktop Signal Booster which comes with DT 55db amplifier, internal and DT external antenna and with coaxial cable. This cell phone signal repeater for home can cover the area of my house up to 2000 sq ft. It provides the 204 Watt maximum output power which is 12 times stronger than the cell phone output. This booster supports all kinds of mobile like GSM, CDMA and TDMA with 2G and 3G data. It works with almost every cell phone carrier except Nextel. Well I have a connection of Verizon, so I don’t need to worry about it.

This device works perfectly with my cell phone. Now my cell phone signal bar always remains four to five. Boosting up the cell phone signals to the signal amplifier system is the best idea. I am using this device for three months and it has been working since then without an issue.  It improves my experience using my smart phone, because now I don’t have to wait for the clear network, it helps me to call with full cell phone signals and helps me to enjoy my 3G internet with high speed.

Signal booster system also comes for car and offices. There are many more signal amplifier devices on the site of Cell Phone Booster Store. I suggest every cell phone user to have this system for his home, office and for his car so that no one has to face the problem of poor signals.


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