Today new and advance Smart home automation has made our life easier and comfortable. Smart home automation system has provided us lots of comfort. Now a day, it is very important to have a smart home system in our house. Automation mating the house is the best way to our home safe and this thing saves our money and time and provides a luxurious life to us.

If you have children in your house, then it must be a common thing for you, that they left the television on or lights on many times and you will have to pay huge electricity bills for that. Smart home technology works here. This smart home automation system controls the lights of your home and other electrical appliances. If your children forget to switch off the lights, then this software system turns them off automatically.

Elk-ELK-WSV2-Electric-Water-Shutoff-Valve is also the part of home automation system with latest features. This system makes your water system able to protect from water damage. Whenever your water system gets damaged, firstly you don’t get even know about and lots of water get leaked from that damage. This awesome water shut system helps here.

This device shuts down the water system, if any pipe damage or water pipe bust occurs. This device is connected from the smart home automation system, so as it, senor the leakage of water from anywhere, this system provides the water leaking info to the smart home automation system, which shuts off the main water supply within two seconds. You can also do shut off the water supply from this system manually.

It comes with the manual shuts off and automatically shuts off. This system is directly connected from smart home automation system and security.


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