Here is the truth about 5G, no body knows weather it is harmful or not, why? Because like anything these days their has not been a conclusive study done to say one way or the other. But if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck , it is most likely a duck! The 5G requires that the telecom companies erect and install the 5G micro towers in close proximity to each other and create a mesh network of cellular signals propagating through all corners of your home and city buildings. The watts put out is very small, to give you an idea the average microwave at your home puts out 1000 watts when you use it and the microelectronics that are components of a 5G internet of things put out milli watts of emf at any given time. The internet of things devices that comprise the tiny electronic devices are not a whole lot of watt consumers, they are what mostly a passive device in the sense that they don’t need to be functioning all the time to be connected, most of the time they spend is in sleep mode and only when a signal is received that they need to wake up and do a function. For instance, say you need to give access to a delivery person in to your garage but you are not home . The internet of things enabled switch can do that for you via a mobile app. The micro tower that the phone companies have deployed in some cities like San Fransisco, Los Angles, Austin and other prominent cities can get this job done with out your presence at your home. However, the medium of communication for these device is the air the signal that lets this kind of thing come to reality is unfortunately a one that emits Electromagnetic radiation or EMF.

The choice is between having the convenience or get exposed to some harmful radiation. We are stuck in between a rock and a hard place. With what the mobile technology has accomplished int he last decade and out addiction to it will tip the scale in favor of 5G, especially with the stage of science behind the harmful radiation effects are lacking in a conclusive evidence. All the studies are circumstantial evidence based and not had enough data sets to give a definite answer. This was the case when it was first published about the cell phones are harmful devices that emit harmful radiations it lacked conclusive evidence that it indeed caused cancer or other biological abnormalities and it is the same now with 5G.


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